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about tirotex

TIROTEX is a unique textile company with 50-years history and fully integrated production, starting from cotton processing to ready-made textile articles. It is a unique production complex with a strong infrastructure, advanced technical, organizational and scientific basis. The production line includes a spinning-and-weaving mill, a finishing factory, and a fully-automatic sewing factory.

Commitment to the advanced European technologies and the use of natural materials plays a key role in the marketing concept of Tirotex.

A continuous implementation of new technologies and modern equipment manufactured by the leading global producers allow producing a very wide product range – more than 1000 types of fabric articles for bedding and table linen for home, hospitality industry and medical institutions. Tirotex develops more than 250 new textiles designs monthly, of which 50% are developed on a digital printing machines with active dyes.

Tirotex trade mark means high-quality textile intended for the consumer who takes care of his or her own health, the health of his or her family, wishing for having always the best product. The combination of quality, ecological compatibility, trendiness of textile design and advanced technologies of treatment of natural cotton fiber allows to create true pieces of textile art.

The Company’s product range includes both various models of ready-made textile articles and fabrics with a wide range of final finishings: water-repellent for table linen, easy-iron, anti-shrink and anti-pilling for bed linen. A series of health-related finishings has been introduced: multivitamin, aloe vera extract, silk protein, antibacterial finishing with silver ions. It is possible to make designs using gold, silver and pearl effect, as well as acrylic coating. In 2020 it became possible to produce designs using luminescent dyes that glow in the dark. In 2021 it was the first time when a technology of treatment of fabrics with aromatic fragrances was applied (with the adour of lemon, lavender, rose, coffee, "Morningmist", etc.).

The control of product’s quality at each production stage is of great importance for the Tirotex, which is certified with ISO 9001:2015. All company’s products are also certified according to OEKO-TEX STANDARD ® 100 health safety standards.

For the period from 2007 up to the present day, Tirotex has undergone social audits conducted by the international auditors in compliance with the requirements of BSCI Code of Conduct, WALT DISNEY COMPANY`s Code of Conduct for Manufacturers, NBC Universal`s Code of Conduct, ICS and FQA.

All this makes the products of Tirotex recognizable and popular in the markets of more than 30 countries.

Director General

the mission of the company

It is the establishment and continuous development of the best Republic’s textile company of international standard, providing the market of Russia, Europe and the USA with a wide range of textile products of high quality. It is the achievement and maintenance of the leading position in the world market.

Product. Tirotex produces and sells a wide range of pure cotton fabrics and ready-made products made of these fabrics.

Economics. The financial base, firm against external actions, supports the activity of Tirotex. This activity has become a foundation for the growth of profitability and enhancement of company’s value for the shareholders, and made it possible for the employees to make a career, and for the company to compensate the employees.

Community. To facilitate the improvement of the quality of life of both company’s employees and citizens of our republic on the whole through continuous enhancement of its commercial role in the business activity of Sheriff Holding and the growth of the economic potential of the company.


The main condition of our success is the success of our client.

The base of our success is our customer orientation, competence, and innovations. Our leadership is based on our high professionalism and the responsibility of each worker. The development of the company is based on creation of good values and qualitative goods, correspondence of our knowledge and possibilities to the demands of the times.

Effective management. The work of a huge mechanism named Tirotex must be smooth and flawless. It means that we must respect the requirements of clients and settle production problems in the most effective way.

Motivation of each worker. Each worker makes his or her contribution to the work of the company and is responsible for the result. The evaluation and motivation of each worker is based on the effectiveness of his or her contribution to the joint activity of the company.


Absolute satisfaction of consumers. We tactfully react to the demands of our clients and aim to have a long-lasting cooperation, which means stability and effectiveness of our commercial activity.

Our strategy is to increase the commercial value of the company and continue consolidating the status of the leader in textile market.

Our offers to the clients are more valuable than the offers of our rivals or at least as valuable as theirs, but at a lower cost.

basic values

Honesty. We work with our consumers and potential clients openly, honestly and sincerely. If we promise to do something, we do it.

Respect. We treat everybody in the same way as we would like them to treat us. We do not tolerate any kind of disrespect.

Consumer orientation. We listen to our consumers, foresee their expectations and satisfy their needs, timely providing them with products of high quality.

Continuous development. We encourage innovations, creative thinking and initiatives, and enhance the discipline at each working place. We aspire to meet the highest ethic, social and moral standards. We can be satisfied only with the best results.

Reliability. We fulfill our commercial and moral obligations towards the shareholders, workers, suppliers and society. We gain and always confirm the reputation of a stable and reliable company.