finishing plant

After passing finishing treatment at the Finishing plant of Tirotex, cotton fabrics obtain necessary appearance and different end-user performances in strict adherence with the requirements of the customers.


• a high level of technological equipment of such well known companies as Benninger, Kioto, Stork, Reggiani, Zimmer, Bruckner;

• cooperation with the leading suppliers of dyestuffs and chemicals like Вezema, CHT, Lamberti, Tanatex;

• obvious adherence to international ecological standards;

• high speed and quality of development of new products.

Treatment of grey fabrics begins with singeing at the modern gas-singeing machine of Brugman equipped with special Pratex burners.

A good quality of preliminary preparation of fabrics with maximum width up to 3 meters is achieved by means of combination of modern methods of desizing and open-width bleaching on the Benninger bleaching line.

Dyeing equipment available at Tirotex allows to dye cotton and blended fabrics with widths from 90cm to 3 meters, applying different dyeing methods and various types of dyestuffs (reactive, vat, disperse + reactive, disperse + vat, pigment).

New colours are developed on Mathis laboratory dyeing machine, providing a high accuracy of colour reproduction.

Bruckner and Reggiani finishing lines allow to use extensively pigment dyestuffs, which are the most economical and ecological ones. The newest Bruckner line equipped with a padder for dyeing and an infra-red preliminary drying system guarantees high quality dyeing, maximum productivity and minimum energy consumption.

New high-quality panel designs are engraved on the modern Luscher engraving machines.

Stork engraving machine is used for engraving rotary screens with the maximum length of 3500mm and repeats of 640 mm, 914 mm, 1018 mm.

The data base of the Colouristic Center contains about 210 000 designs. Engraved screens are stored in a special storehouse.

The finishing factory is equipped with modern colour kitchens with automatic preparation of printing pastes. A mini colour kitchen of FIMAT can weigh accurately and precisely the printing pastes prepared for development of new designs, and GSE colour kitchen is used for mass production – all in automatic mode.

The use of the printing machines of Stork, Reggiani, Zimmer guarantees:
• wide choice of printing effects for rotary and flat printed designs;
• high accuracy of designs reproduction;
• high brightness, purity and intensity of colours.

The latest achievements in the field of printing high-quality designs with active dyes are realized in production on the Efi-Reggiani digital printing machine. IAnother more efficient digital printing machine by Efi-Reggiani was launched in 2018.

Arioli fixing machine for color fixation after printing creates the necessary conditions for fixing the dye on the fiber, depending on the class of dyes, and provides excellent color stability to various physicochemical and mechanical methods of exposure.

A new stenter frame DMS 22 DIL-TENTER by the Turkish manufacturer Dilmenler, purchased in 2022. With the operating speed 90 meters per minute, the machine processes monthly up to 1,2 mln running merers of fabric with width up to 3.20 m.

Tirotex works on the basis of the constant development of a new range of fabrics, including satin, jacquard and percale groups, new colors of dyeing and drawings, applying the widest range of high-tech products from preparation to finishing. Close cooperation with leading European manufacturers allows fulfilling the requirements of each customer with a guarantee of a high level of quality of the supplied products.