spinning-and-weaving mill

Spinning-and-Weaving Mill is the beginning of the production process at Tirotex.This mill has been in operation since 1974. The main type of raw material processed is cotton fiber.

Delivered pressed in bales, cotton fiber undergoes a series of treatments: shredding, cleaning from trash and impurities and mixing in the opening and cleaning machines of TRUTZSCHLER (Germany) and FA (China). Carding, straightening, parallelization, plying, stentering of fibers and formation of card sliver is done in the preparation section. Card sliver is made on RITTER draw-frame machines (Switzerland) equipped with automatic controllers of sliver evenness.

The advantages of these machines are low energy and labour coefficient, high productivity and, most significantly, perfect quality of card sliver.

The final product of the spinning preparation section is a card sliver ready for spinning.

Card sliver turns into yarn in the spinning section. Yarn is spun on AUTOCORO SCHLAFHORST spinning machines (Germany). The quality of yarn made on these machines meets the highest worldwide standards. The machines work at a high speed with a very low breakage index.

Then yarn is delivered to the warping section of the Spinning-and-Weaving Mill. Yarn from several spinning bobbins is rewound into one warping package of a certain length.

Beam rolls are made on KARL MAYER machines (Germany).

The sizing section of the weaving mill is also equipped with modern German machines of KARL MAYER. These machines are used to size warp yarns and make them stronger and more elastic. The machines are fast and productive. They are provided with automatic controllers which regulate the technological process.

Fabrics are woven on TOYOTA (Japan), PICANOL (Belgium), SULZER (Switzerland) and STB (Russia) looms. As a result of interweaving of warp and weft yarns, we get greige fabric ready for further transportation to the finishing plant.

To provide a continuous quality control of raw materials supplied to Tirotex and guarantee a compliance of semi-finished product with the required standards, the Spinning-and-Weaving Mill is equipped with an up-to-date internationally certified laboratory.