bed linen


A perfect quality of natural fabrics, and a diversity of colours will help you to decorate your house and make your home life more comfortable and cozy.

Bed linen made of high-density fabrics with fine yarns, such as sateen, percale, renforce, outstand with beautiful and elegant appearance, as well as soft and silky touch. These superb textiles are second to none with regard to durability and strength. They stand multiple washing, maintaining the appearance of an extra-class product.

Affordable prices of bed linen made of cotton sheeting fabrics allow customers to make their homes comfortable and cozy at minimum cost and surprise their friends and relatives with the original style of the items purchased.

Bed linen made of soft and lofty flannel creates an exceptional comfort feeling. Flannel does not stain or fade during washing. It does not get stretched but maintains the original properties, including perfect water absorption. This fabric is especially important and useful for baby bed linen, which must be very soft, fresh and hydrophilic.

Bed linen made of jacquard fabricreally deserves to be called premium class bed linen. It is all about a special interweaving of yarns, thanks to which we get a relief design on the surface of fabric similar to Gobelin tapestry.

We decorate our bed linen with different accessories and decorative elements, braids, pipings, welts, decorative stitching, placed and continuous embroidery and many other things.


Our product range includes textile articles for hotels: bed linen and bedding items, table linen. A combination of functionality, aesthetics and the highest quality of fabrics used for interior decoration.

Our factory is very flexible with regard to the demands laid down to such kind of products: weight, shrinkage, physical and mechanical parameters and observance of technical guidelines.


Bed linen for medical institutions guarantees comfortable and easy use during medical examinations. Medical bed linen is resistant to washing at 95°С and treatment with active chlorine.

The goods produced by the factory meet all specific requirements and comply with all standards of modern medical institutions. Our company has a great experience in fulfilling such orders on continuous basis for Italian medical institutions.