Introduction of progressive and innovative technological processes into mass production, carrying out a set of measures to improve production efficiency, as well as developing and introducing of a new range of products into a mass production at Tirotex is engaged in the DEPARTMENT OF CHIEF TECHNOLOGIEST.

Monthly the department develops:

• More than 7 new fabric structures (at the request of our customers or for the purpose of improvement of production efficiency).

Currently, the equipment of Tirotex can produce more than 1000 articles of fabric, in widths from 90 cm to 320 cm, with different kinds of interweaving (linen, diagonal, satin, sateen, panama, hopsack, jacquard, etc.), yarn counts from 9 up to 100.

In 2015 – 2018 an experimental development of linen fabric, as well as fabrics with viscose fiber from eucalyptus (Tensel) was carried out.

• More than 20 new colors where active, vat and pigment dyes are used.

To date, the current database has more than 6000 dyeing recipes.

Pigment dyestuffs are used for light and pastel colors (with resistance to washing at 40 °), active dyestuffs are used for bright and saturated colors (resistance to washing at 60 °) and vat dyestuffs are used for medical clothes and bed-linen for hospitals (resistance to active chlorine and to washing at 90 °).

• Over 250 new drawings, of which 50% are developed on a digital printing machines with active dyes.

95% of all orders are done with pigment dyes. It is possible to perform designs using rotary active printing. Currently, the database includes more than 27,700 designs. It is possible to make designs using gold, silver and pearl effect, as well as acrylic coating. In 2020 it became possible to produce designs using luminescent dyes that glow in the dark.

• Over 5 recipes of final finishing.

There are available more than 500 recipes of final finishing, including recipes for impregnation with silicone, polyethylene softeners, impregnation recipes for low-shrinkage and anti-pilling finishes, water-, oil-, dirt repellent finish, antibacterial finishes with silver and zinc ions, health-improving impregnations on the basis of silk proteins, Aloe Vera, multivitamin with vitamin E and many others.

The Chief Technologist Department analyzes the technologies and chemical products to improve production efficiency, and also provides conditions for working with representatives of firms during negotiations, laboratory and industrial trials at Tirotex.

Currently, the suppliers of dyes and auxiliary textile substances are as follows: Dystar (Germany), Minerva (Italy), Lamberty (Italy), CHT&Bezema (Germany-Switzerland), B.A.Special Chem&Color (Italy), Erca (Italy), SNF (France), Prochima Group (Ityly), Pulcra Chemicals (Germany), Tanatex (Holland), SPGprint (Holland).

The accredited spinning and weaving laboratory of the Spinning-and-Weaving Factory and the chemical laboratory of the Finishing Factory, equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment providing maintenance of all technological processes are used for preparation of technological processes of production, checking the physical and mechanical properties of yarn, grey and finished fabric.