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The most important event of the last two weeks everybody lived and breathed, discussed and prepared for was the Victory Day. It is all-time favourite, national festival day that unites descendants of war veterans from many countries of neighbouring countries and beyond.

Almost each family has a family archive with old yellowish photos of young men and women who were off at the front. Those who came back and those who didn’t. Our grandfathers and grandmothers who gave us a chance for a dignified life. We are apparently the last generation which can learn about this war from veterans’ own lips. That is why we did the most important and right thing for each of them – we have cherished the memory of their heroic deed for the generations to come.

On May 9 thousands of people, with portraits of those who fought for home and country at the front and in the rear, marched through the Capital’s central square in the ranks of the Immortal Regiment. They came answering the call of their hearts, because they thought it incumbent upon themselves to tell once again about the heroic deed of their relatives.

The workers of Tirotex showed their solidarity when taking part in this patriotic event. The printing office of Tirotex helped everybody who wanted to print photos and walk proudly, with portraits of their relatives in their hands, in the ranks of the Immortal Regiment. The column of textile workers was headed by the general director of Tirotex, Andrey Mezhinskiy. He rendered honour not only to his grandfathers, Bolgarin Andrey Ivanovich and Bolgarin Sergey Ivanovich, but also to the workers of the factory who abided the idea of solidarity, patriotism and memory. The participants of this campaign brought the portraits of their relatives through the central square of Tiraspol and then took part in floral tribune ceremony at the Glory Memorial, and ended their march at the Russian Troops Task Force home base.

According to the official mass media, about 16 thousand children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren congregated in the center of Tiraspol to take part in this campaign this year. Total number of people who joined the march of the Immortal Regiment in the Republic exceeded 25 thousand people. This campaign is held in Pridnestrovie for the second time only, but it is safe to say that it is becoming more and more popular. For comparison, the event numbered about 16 thousand people last year.

Looking back, a campaign named “Victors’ Parade” was initiated in 2007 in Tyumen. It has been existing as “Immortal Regiment” since 2012 and unites the descendants of war veterans from many countries of neighbouring countries and beyond. The Immortal Regiment has become the most grand-scale social project.

This year the Immortal Regiment marched both in Russia and abroad. Only Moscow and St.Petersburg numbered nothing short of one million two hundred participants. The Immortal Regiment also marched in other 73 regions of Russia. These numbers go beyond the number of people who marched in the Immortal Regiment dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of the Victory Day, the organizers report.

It was the first time when the Immortal Regiment campaign swept the whole world. Processions walked in more than 40 countries all over the world: Australia, Argentina, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Mexico, Israel, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Lebanon, Norway, UAE, Romania, Slovakia, the USA, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden and other countries.