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On 12 June Pridnestrovie celebrated the Day of Light Industry. This is not only a professional holiday of workers, but also the day when light industry manufacturers summarize their activities and demonstrate the best samples of their products. Traditionally, the flagship of the Transnistrian textile industry – Tirotex - presented its products at the exhibition center of the Victory public part. Citizens had an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments and purchase the items they liked.

Tirotex’ stands were visited by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the PMR, Vadim Krasnoselsky, the first President of the PMR, Igor Smirnov, and his wife, the Minister of Economic Development, Dmitry Boltrushko, heads of other light industry enterprises.

The General Director of Tirotex, Andrey Mezhinskiy, told the guests about the latest developments that are embedded in the mass production on the trends implementation of export products, the difficulties faced by the company, and how it overcomes them in the face of fierce competition in the world textile market. The distinguished guests expressed their firm belief that "Tirotex" will continue to develop dynamically thanks to the talent and skills of employees, increasing their competitiveness and to offer customers quality products at an affordable price. During the presentation of the latest innovations presented at the exhibition, they wished success and prosperity to the leader of the textile industry PMR.

Cultural Center "Lad" also took part in the festivities. Carefully prepared by the head of the Center for Culture and Ann Lesik music director Vyacheslav Maliёvym concert gathered around a huge number of holiday guests. Musical numbers prepared by the staff "Tirotex" - Zhanneta Akshonova, Vitaly Karagheaur Larisa Kondratyuk Yury Gromatsky Vladimir Kubasov and children of the staff of employees - Victoria Akshonova, Karagheaur Tatiana, Anastasia and Anastasia Shendrik Kurianovich.

On a makeshift platform made of a variety of summer folk dance "Victoria" by the honored worker of culture of the PMR Nina Brynzan.

In the course of celebrations, Deputy General Director for Strategy, member of the Tiraspol City Council Sergei Obolonik held a ceremony of awarding the winners of arts and crafts for children of employees "Mother`s palm." Sergey congratulated the contestants and awarded diplomas and valuable gifts. The winners are: Ilia Slavov (3 years), Anna Guly (6 years), Ekaterina Kuzmenko (5 years), Arina Makoveychuk (9 years), Xenia Maliёva (7 years), Anastasia Kurianovich (12 years), Michael Looshin (13 s), Lesik Valentine (17 years).

Deputy Director of finishing production, the deputy of the Tiraspol City Council of People`s Deputies Andrei Volkovich awarded cash prizes to children "Tirotex" workers receiving constant participation in celebratory concerts cultural center "Tirotex".

Special thanks and gratitude to this day earned workers UOPP "Tirotex". Citizens had an excellent opportunity to taste the cakes made by masters pastry shop, and a great barbecue with garnish.

Saturated interesting events professional holiday has lost its main purpose. On this day, the leaders of the republic congratulated the labor collectives of enterprises of light industry with manufacturing success, emphasizing that the textile industry plays an important role in socio-economic development of our country and demand in the key areas of the Transnistrian economy.