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Tashkent hosted the International Cotton Trade Fair which attracts annually more than one thousand participants from more than 40 countries. The General Director of TIROTEX Textile Company, Andrey Mezhinskiy was one of the invited guests and headed a delegation from Pridnestrovie.

- What is the purpose of your visit to the capital of Uzbekistan?
- This outstanding event has been a place of meeting of not only the leaders of major textile companies, but also experts and key manufacturers of cotton industry. Therefore the purpose of my visit is to evaluate the current situation in cotton market, first of all. The cost of raw material, above all, depends on how much of it has been harvested by five countries, in particular China, USA, India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan, which all together produce and possess up to 80 % of world cotton resource. That is why the worldwide trends depends on the crop, climatic conditions, import and export volume in these countries to a large extend. To clarify the actual state of things and evaluate the prospective of formation of cotton price is the most important part of the strategy of the foreign economic activity of our company. This even gives us a good opportunity to do it.

- What is the current situation in the cotton market?
- Many Russian and Asian textile companies have been suffering from the lack of raw material in their warehouses. Poor crop in Pakistan and China caused by floods made these countries buy more cotton in Central Asia. Some local and Russian textile companies were even forced to stop production due to the lack of cotton and impossibility to buy it from their suppliers. Therefore everybody has come here with high hope. We will be able to summarize the results of participation on this International fair very soon.

- Whom are you planning to meet with?
- We met with Mr.Batler, the managing director of COTTON OUTLOOK international information agency, Mr.Gitchuns, the director of the International Advisory Committee on Cotton, Mr.Shindler, the General Director of the International Federation of Textile Manufacturers, Mr.Madonald, the chairman of SPINNING COMMITTI and many other leaders of relevant agencies of Uzbekistan.

- Can you tell me about preliminary results of your cotton import activity?
- We’ve been working on it the whole time. Recently I’ve met with some leaders of factories in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. My target was to discuss some issues regarding futures contracts for cotton fiber. TIROTEX holds one of the leading positions on the international textile stage. We have all necessary resources for this. We keep on developing our international cooperation in all directions in the best interests of our company and Pridnestrovie on the whole.