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A delegation of businessmen from Italy visited Pridnestrovie. The main goal of their visit was to consider the possibility of establishing mutually beneficial cooperation. The agenda included not only numerous meetings with heads of relevant departments, but also visits to light industry enterprises.

Maristella Miatello, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Italian Province Pesaro-Urbino visited Tirotex – the biggest textile factory in the region.

During her tour around the factory she visited spinning-weaving mill, finishing and sewing factories. The General Director, Andrey Mezhinskiy told in details not only about each section of production chain but informed about the current business relations with Italy: «For the moment the external turnover of Pridnestrovie with Italy is more than 60 million dollars. The biggest part of it is export to Italy. As regards Tirotex Textile Company, about 35% of all our exported goods go to Italy. In 2016 Tirotex exported goods to Italy approximately 16 million meters of fabric. It to evaluate in money, it is about 30-40 million US dollars. So, you see, the share of Tirotex’ goods in the total external turnover is very big.»

It is important to note that Andrey Mezhinskiy, both as a leader of the biggest Pridnestrovian exporter, and as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of PMR, and the member of the Committee on entrepreneurial and industrial development, expressed his hope that the visit of the delegation will give a positive impulse to the development of economic relations between Pridnestrovie and Italy: «The target of PMR is to improve its investment attractiveness and increase the economic activity, therefore I think that the visit of Mrs.Miatello will become an excellent foundation of further development of relations between enterprises of our republics.»

The representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also summarized the results of her visit:

- Mrs.Miatello, what was the purpose of your visit to Pridnestrovie and Tirotex in particular?

- In spite of the fact that we have a lot of successful textile factories in Italy, there are still many companies, which are interested in purchasing your fabrics because of very attractive prices and good quality. Therefore it was important for me to visit your factory and see the process with my own eyes.

- Please share your impressions from the tour with us.

- Taking into consideration my professional experience, I can say that it is the biggest factory I’ve ever seen. During the tour I not only saw the technological process of production but made sure in observance of sanitation and hygiene standards. I can confirm that you exercise a strict control at each production stage: starting from the receipt of raw materials and up to the ready-made product. The level of work preparation and production tracing is very high. The attention to the personnel and to each worker paid by the CEO of the factory (note – General Director of Tirotex, Andrey Mezhinskiy) inspires respect and wonder.

The General Director, Andrey Mezhinskiy, said that the meeting was productivy and expressed his hope for further development of cooperation between Tirotex and Italian partners, followed by the activization of a dialogue through the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.