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Tirotex has been cooperating with SPGprints, a well known Holland company, for 15 Years. SPGprints has established itself as a leading choice in the field of production of high-technology printing and engraving equipment and printing screens. Having announced the introduction of new printing equipment, the Head of the company invited Tirotex’ representatives to visit them and get acquainted with newly-designed products on-site – at the factories where this equipment is installed, in Boxmeer (the Netherlands) and Kufstein (Austria). The Production Manager of Tirotex, Vladislav Politov, told about his working visit to the European partner.

The visit lasted from 21 till 23 March, and the program of the visit was highly topical. The regional representative of SPGprints, Hugo Geurtjens, introduced the latest innovations developed by the research laboratory of the Holland company to Vladislav Politov and the chief of Engraving department, Andrey Lisyanskiy. SPGprints spends 7% of its annual turnover for research and development. It speaks volume. According to experts, such investments are a part of a smart marketing strategy. Research work done inside the company, the history of which started yet in 1947, has resulted in establishing more than 250 regional offices all over the world, which are involved in the process of development and implementation of their own technologies and innovations. Such results obviously impress not only Tirotex as its partner, but also direct competitors of SPGprints.

As regards the equipment which has been already installed at Tirotex, we can say that the productivity of this equipment confirms its reliability and high quality of textile articles produced on this equipment. This equipment includes two Stork Pegas printing machines, two Stork RD4 printing machines, one Stork Best land laser engraving machine, three automatic colour kitches (Alpha 1, Alpha 2 и Delta), and accessories, including screens and rings for them.

Within the framework of the working visit of the delegation from Pridnestrovie to the Netherlands there were arranged tours to the premises of the factories, including the section of preparation of copper matrixes, section of screens production, section of trimming and packing, section of production of inks for digital printing, section of sewage clearing, etc. The specialists of Tirotex have become interested in a new product – Random screens with a random (chaotic) position of cells. The advantage of the new product is not only 15% economy of printing paste, but also the absence of raster moiré. The guests were also shown a new Javelin digital printing machine and new inks for digital printing. It is planned to carry our trials with application of new inks at Tirotex in June, when an expert from SPGPrints comes to the factory.

Then the delegation visited the Austrian branch of SPGPrints , which was the first in the world to produce laser engraving equipment in 1986г. Tirotex was among the first manufacturers who bought this machine in 1991. The workers of the Austrian branch located in Kufstein produce engraving equipment on the basis of lasers and LED, using machines for straightening, application and drying, establish software for engraving, assemble Javelin digital printing machines.

Using the opportunity, the parties also discussed other issues concerning cooperation. It was agreed that a technician from the Holland company would visit Tirotex for the purpose of optimization and improvement of such processes as straightening, application and engraving, improvement of the process of photo printing, and comparing the quality of engraving of screens on SmartLex and Luesher engraving machines.

Sum up, it may be said that the effectiveness of negotiations bears witness of the intention of both parties to continue developing cooperation and hold necessary activities aimed to establish advantageous and mutually beneficial business conditions.