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The Transnistrian textile manufacturer has been actively cooperating with Hemtex (Swedish company) for more than 10 years. This is the largest home textile retail chain in the Scandinavian countries, which was founded in 1973 in Sweden. So, we can say with certainty that the Swedish company and Tirotex are agemates, because they celebrate the date of their birth at the same time. Now Hemtex is represented not only in Sweden, but also in Finland and Estonia with more than 160 stores.

The company's business idea is to sell modern and fashionable interior items, primarily home textiles. Hemtex is a regular customer not only of traditional bedding, but also of table sets (towels, napkins, tablecloths, etc.), as well as curtains with slub yarn imitating linen cloth. Especially for European consumers, Tirotex has developed new structures for crocheted fabrics, and specially for this market it produces fabrics and ready-mades with acrylic coating that does not allow absorption of liquids and moisture.

The long-term cooperation of the Scandinavian company and the Transnistrian producer is not only mutually beneficial, but also reliable. However, in order to reinforce serious intentions on the part of industrial organizations with which the largest suppliers of imported products cooperate, much more than an impeccable reputation is needed. In this regard, not so long ago, Tirotex decided to conduct a special social audit in its production. Thus, a few months ago, SGS experts (the international auditor and laboratory) conducted a multidisciplinary audit of the Transnistrian exporter. Social audit under the BSCI standard was developed by the Foreign Trade Association and is one of the types of social audits adopted in the international practice of customer relationships with its suppliers.

During the audit, the auditors visited all the production facilities of Tirotex. The experts thoroughly studied presented information and remained satisfied with the effective management. They noted the high organizational level not only in the quality control system from cotton to the finished product, but also in the areas of health protection, personnel protection, ecology and other social projects. Also the high estimation of effective communication between the personnel, the trade union committee and company management, the professional attitude of employees their work was highly appreciated. Based on the results of the audit, Tirotex was awarded the highest A score, which reflects the extent to which the audited entity integrated the BSCI code into its daily work. Assigning a higher score to international experts is a confirmation that the level of development of the Transnistrian producer allows it to carry out further work on development without a follow-up audit. The results of this audit are valid for two years, which means that Tirotex is included for this period of time in the register of the program of social responsibility of business, which will allow it to freely cooperate with European customers.

Such positive news, of course, pleased Hemtex. Being sure in high quality and production culture, working conditions at Tirotex meeting all European standards, the management of the Swedish company expressed their hope for further fruitful cooperation. The General Director of Tirotex, Andrei Mezhinsky, believes that "The top score of BSCI speaks about the openness of our company to its counterparties and the reliability of Tirotex as a supplier of the high-quality products, since responsible behavior towards its employees and the environment is one of the signs of responsible attitude towards customers."