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Exhibition of Home Textiles and Fabrics HEIMTEXTIL RUSSIA in Moscow has not by chance received international status. Every year this event gathering on its site the leading players of the textile business takes a full step towards the formation of effective development of the industry as a whole. The largest Transnistrian textile exporter - the company TIROTEX traditionally takes part in this long-awaited event every fall.

This time the flagship of the light industry of Transnistria tooks its rightful place among numerous exhibitors in national pavilions from several dozen countries. Andrey Mezhinskiy, General Director of TIROTEX, tells how the event was held at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center.

- Mr. Mezhinsky, what kind of audience did the Transnistrian exporter expect to attract to its stand by taking part in HEIMTEXTIL RUSSIA?

- In general, the relevance of this event for TIROTEX is united in the organization of interaction between the enterprises of the industry, expansion of the sphere of influence of the Transnistrian producer and establishment of ties with the largest Russian textile companies. And despite the international status of this event, first of all, our expectations were related to integration into the Russian market. Analyzing the demonstrated interest in our products from outside, both the success of partners and our direct competitors, in the strategic perspective, we expect a significant increase of orders from Russia.

- What is the competitive environment like at the moment?

- Today there is a number of strong players who do not allow us to relax. Competitors are rather ambitious, with good programs of action and far-sighted strategy, but we have already occupied our niche. And thanks to participation in the international exhibition of home textiles and fabrics, we have strengthened our confident positions since TIROTEX chooses stable and reliable supply of products due to the optimal combination of prices and quality. But you can not underestimate the competitors, so we always try to think outside the box and make error-free decisions.

- What is the horizon of strategic planning for the TIROTEX?

- We plan to increase production capacity of finishing production, deepen integration of foreign economic activities in the CIS countries, expand the geography of sales and, thus, increase the volume of placing orders. Moreover, I want to note that the method adopted by this decision, including promising joint plans with our constant and potential partners, which we met on the international exhibition platform.

Deputy Director General of TIROTEX Irina Chekan also summed up the results of participation in HEIMTEXTIL RUSSIA 2017.

- Traditionally, the Transnistrian exporter took part in one of the key and long-awaited events of the year. This specialized event was intended for a professional audience of the international textile community. Heimtextil Russia gives TIROTEX the opportunity to make a rather optimistic forecast for the future. This is not a fashion move, but a real way to identify the most effective sales channels in Russia. Challenges on the Russian market are well known - it is management of terms, quality and cost. Our permanent partners have long been convinced that the Transnistrian manufacturer meets all these criteria, and thanks to participation at the exhibition, the management of TIROTEX had an excellent opportunity to personally invite potential customers to Tiraspol so that they could be convinced of this in real production conditions. Only this way the partners of our company can compare high quality of products manufactured in the most modern machine park concerning analogues of our competitors. Long-term cooperation with well-known European and American brands speaks not only of our strict quality requirements, but also of the level of their trust and of the level of our textile production. We are well known abroad and regarding reliability to our partners we are certainly among the leading companies. We count on the fact that a high level of our authority in the eyes of potential customers from more than 30 countries around the world will also attract the attention of potential customers from Russia. As for participation in the exhibition itself, I would like to note positive impressions, since not only an intensive business program, but also a large number of visitors to our stand speaks about the success of this event. Surely we will consider the possibility of participating in HEIMTEXTIL RUSSIA next year.