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Textile company Tirotex is unique not only in Transnistria. Such an enterprise, which includes a full production cycle from processing cotton to yarn, from which fabric is produced by a wide variety of structures and designs - before sewing a ready-made garment from it, is not present in any neighboring countries. Products of the trade mark Tirotex are well known and loved far abroad just for its high quality. Its level of scales is assessed by many different expert commissions - both international certification bodies and specialists of local specialized organizations.

So, the result of the outgoing year was a key event among the representatives of the Transnistrian business community - a solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of the jubilee XV Republican contest "Transnistrian quality". This time, as before, "Tirotex" confirmed its leadership in the category "Consumer Goods".

The organizers of the contest - representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the PMR, noted that the prestigious "Pride of the Republic" "Tirotex" was first, in 2007. This honorary title textile enterprise successfully confirms annually, for all years not missing any participation in the competition. And all thanks to the release of products of consistently high quality.

The head of the Quality Management Department of Tirotex received the award from the hands of Deputy Prime Minister Stanislav Kasap. Natalya Markova assured that in future the textile flagship of the domestic light industry will justify the proud title of the leader.

Andrey Mezhinskiy, General Director of Tirotex, noted the importance of participation in the Republican contest "Transnistrian quality" for the company: "Thank you for the interest that the organizers of the event invariably year after year show to the ready-made garments that our company produces. I would like to thank you for the high professional level of the organization and holding of the competition and express our firm conviction that the "Transnistrian quality" will continue to remain relevant and important for Transnistria."