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A project on growing domestic cotton in Pridnestrovie, which has been implemented for two years, is no longer a secret. It is the first major project in this segment in our region for the last almost 70 years. The initiator and the investor of this experimental production is Tirotex Textile Company. First there was made a research on the possibility of growing cotton in the territory of our republic. During the whole season the specialists were testing seeds delivered from different suppliers from Central Asia countries and Europe. Now it is time of taking the cotton crop and carrying on an in-depth analysis of physical and mechanical parameters of cotton fiber.

The General Director of Tirotex, Andrey Mezhinskiy, says: «Our mutual work with the experts of the Research Institute resulted in our ability to grow cotton of the fourth and the fifth type with the 1st and the 2nd sort maturity rate, which is usually imported from Central Asia and used in the Spinning-and-Weaving plant of Tirotex. I would like to note that, in spite of the evident success, growing of cotton in our republic will not be an easy process. For local cotton manufacturers to replace imported cotton, it is necessary to invest a lot of money at the first stage – not less than 20 million dollars. Nevertheless, the economists give a high rating to the economic efficiency of this project, which can be logically explained by high price of cotton in the global market and a constantly growing demand in this raw material».

A few days before cotton crop was gathered, the directors of the main departments of the textile company visited the field to see the result of hard work on cotton growing. Needless to say that each of them hurried to share their vivid impression with their colleagues, highly appreciating the potential development of Tirotex in all promising areas.