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Today Tirotex dominates the market of home and medical textiles, being supported by the unique production capabilities. All this became possible thanks to modern technical equipment and constant modernization of the equipment fleet at all its sites. Our enterprise is not only about 3 thousand specialists and the territory of the textile complex covering more than 50 hectares. Tirotex also includes several thousand pieces of equipment of immense complexity. The spinning and weaving mills number 100 units of major equipment and more than 1,000 weaving looms. There are 51 lines involved in finishing production. The sewing factory has 28 units of major equipment and more than 300 sewing machines. In addition, the number of auxiliary equipment that ensures the operation of all the main production facilities of the enterprise is more than a thousand units.

A wide geography is represented by advanced equipment along the entire production chain - these are Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, and many other countries of the Eurasian continent. Some equipment was acquired through the participation of Textima - the the provider of innovative technology. Tirotex has been cooperating with this German company for over 20 years because Textima enjoys a well-deserved reputation among the giants of the textile industry.

So, on May 26-27, Tirotex was visited by the heads of the representative office of Textima. The official event was attended by the Head of the Pridnestrovian enterprise, General Director Andrei Mezhinsky, and Director of the spinning and weaving mill, Ivan Damaskin. Textima was represented by the Head of the Representative Office, Alexander Tsigler, and the Head of the Textile Equipment Department, Andrei Novikov. The parties discussed major aspects of further cooperation.

During the negotiations, the general director of Tirotex noted the high level of partnership between the two companies and said that over 20 years of cooperation they managed to successfully implement major projects. Andrey Mezhinsky said: “Our communication tools are fine-tuned. We do not have a single issue that we could not solve. In general, the negotiations are being held in a businesslike and frank atmosphere, we have agreed to continue our joint work on the entire topical agenda.”

Textima representatives reported on possible models of work and existing tools of interaction for the most effective mutually beneficial work. The head of the representative office, Alexander Tsigler, commented that the companies constantly continue to interact on many issues: “We are always open for joint work. And I am pleased to note that we find mutual understanding on all key issues with the largest European customer - Tirotex."

One should say that the advantages of the equipment of European manufacturers supplied by Textima are its simplicity, energy efficiency and reliability. A large number of production lines have already been installed at the production sites of Tirotex: machines and equipment for fiber preparation, lines for cotton waste recycling, carding machines with a complete set of tools for preparatory spinning equipment, 27 automatic rotor spinning machines Autocoro f. SAURER with 312, 360 and 408 chambers, 7 Karl Mayer lines for preparation of warp and the same number of sizing machines, Benninger bleaching and dyeing equipment, drying and spreading line, sanforizing line, finishing line with Brückner infrared dryer, 4 rotary printing machines, SPGPRINTS software and equipment for engraving.

During the entire period after the purchase and installation of equipment, Textima provides constant technical and technological support, and makes it possible to get maximum efficiency from its work.