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The current global economic environment allows the largest industry leaders to place orders for their products in different countries, focusing on available logistics solutions, quality and cost of goods. However, only international audits conducted by independent experts can convince the customer of the impeccable reputation of the selected production site, which means that their world-famous brand will not be compromised.

Thus, the largest Italian client of Tirotex initiated the organization of social and technical audits, which were conducted remotely (online) by an international company with impressive experience in monitoring manufacturers’ compliance with requirements and standards. The results of the audits once again confirm that Tirotex is not only a reliable, but also a responsible employer. The high rating once again demonstrated the high level of business conduct and business reputation, and also confirmed the readiness to work with the largest international clients and fulfill all our contractual obligations to them.

Andrey Mezhinsky, General Director of Tirotex, commented on the results of the audit: “We are sincerely pleased that the Pridnestrovian flagship of the light industry has once again been recognized as a trustworthy business partner that complies with international standards for product quality, ecology and social responsibility. This, of course, will be a significant factor in choosing us as a manufacturer and supplier for those industry leaders who are based on the principles of sustainable development. The high rating given by the auditors opens up opportunities for Tirotex to increase the share of our textile production on the world market through cooperation with key retailers in the industry. Responsible attitude towards customers begins with a responsible attitude towards our own employees. We not only talk about these values, but also implement them, assuming obligations to the team and customers. And in the future, the company plans to continue making every effort to strengthen its position in the list of socially oriented enterprises that produce environmentally friendly high-quality products of the European level.”