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The 20th campaign to participate in the «Trademark of the Year» competition started earlier this year. According to the evaluation of the expert jury in the «Export» category «Tirotex», represented in the «Home Goods and Services» category, became the winner of the «Trademark of the Year» competition and once again received the «Golden Mercury» award. In addition, the Transnistrian manufacturer, competing for the Prize for Achievements in Product Quality, having received the highest number of points, was announced as laureate and awarded the highest professional prize of the competition - the Grand Prix «Goddess of Quality».

The third award that Tirotex received for the first time turned out to be a real surprise. According to the evaluation of the brand strategy, including its positioning, creative idea, marketing communications, sales growth, market share increase, and brand image with mandatory consideration of consumer ratings, Tirotex was awarded the GOLD MEDAL in the "Leader of the Year" competition of the "Trademark" category.

These are not nearly first prestigious awards in the collection of Tirotex. The textile enterprise has been receiving the "Golden Mercury" award for the seventh consecutive year, and the exclusive "Goddess of Quality" statuette for the ninth time.

"The "Gold Medal" in the "Leader of the Year" category undoubtedly confirms the right path chosen by our company. By focusing on constant development in the field of quality and the implementation of innovative solutions for textile production, we not only maintain the reputation of being a flagship of the light industry in Transnistria but also contribute to the progress of the industry on the international textile stage. Thus, Tirotex can be called a kind of "ambassador of quality" in the European market", commented Andrey Mezhinsky, General Director of Tirotex, on the company_s international recognition of leadership.