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There are many methods to validate the quality of products and processes in the business world. One of the most well-known and recognized standards is the international standard ISO 9001. This standard sets the requirements for a quality management system and helps increase efficiency and improve processes in an organization. Passing an ISO 9001 inspection audit is an important event for a company, and Tirotex has successfully passed this stage, having received recognition from international auditors. An ISO 9001 inspection audit is a process that evaluates a company_s ability to provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements. 25 years ago, Tirotex implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. The company has already undergone certification audits according to updated requirements several times, and this time it successfully passed the inspection, confirming its readiness and ability to provide quality at a high level.

«I am glad to note that Tirotex textile company is a shining example of effective quality management», - with these words the international auditor summed up the results of the ISO 9001 inspection audit, successfully completed by the flagship of the light industry of Pridnestrovie. Yuri Popescu, representing the international certification company TÜV CERT THÜRINGEN, also emphasized, «in rapidly changing conditions and increasing competition in the global market, the head of any manufacturing enterprise faces the need to make strategic decisions that are potentially decisive for the success of the enterprise. In such a situation, even the slightest mistake in strategic planning and management can become fatal and cause serious consequences. Summing up the results of the audit, I would like to emphasize that your team of professionals, with such a competent leader – the General Director, is able to successfully solve all the assigned tasks in accordance with ISO requirements».

The General Director of Tirotex, Andrey Mezhinsky, noted the importance of passing an ISO 9001 inspection audit for the enterprise, emphasizing that this is not only the confirmation of compliance with standards, but also an important stage in business development. «Passing an ISO 9001 inspection audit is a key point in the life of any company seeking to improve the quality of its products. This process allows us to not only ensure that our processes are of a high standard, but also to identify areas for further development. This experience was an important step in strengthening Tirotex’s position in the international market and increasing trust from European customers. This is important not only for us as manufacturers, but also for our clients, who can be confident in the quality of the products we provide», - noted Andrey Viktorovich.