open bidding


TIROTEX CJSC will purchase 100% cotton weaving yarn Nm 100/1 (Ne 60/1, Den 90) (combed, compact, made from long staple cotton).

1. Tex, actual (g/km) 10
2. Coefficient of variations of skein (%) 1.5
3. Twist coefficient 36.4
4. Turns of twist per 1m 1152
5. Strength of single yarn (cN) 257
6. Coefficient of variations on strength (%) 6.3
7. Relative tensile strength (cN/tex) 26
8. Quality index 4.13
9. Sort Grade A (extra)
10. Deviation (%) ± 1.5
11. Elongation, minimum (%) 5.0
12. The length of yarn per bobbin (km) 185


1. Spin packs must be of the same diameter, weight, length of yarn (±1%), density. Packs must be properly reeled on a патроны or a cone, without any defects. Inadmissible defects are hords, displacement of way winds, broken yarns, impurities, contamination, mixture of linear densities, colour difference.

2. Packaging used for dispatching the product must meet the following requirements:

  • PE-bag for each bobbin;
  • PP-bag for each 24 bobbins;
  • Cardboard liner between bobbins;
  • Loaded on pallets (pallets must be wrapped with stretch film) or into cardboard boxes (cartons).

3. The quality of yarn must correspond to grade A. Yarn must be free of short thick or thin fragments, slubs, slugs, knots, cotton neps, contamination, fluffiness.

4. The parameters of yarn are obtained on USTER TENSORAPID.