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By the Decree of the President of PMR No. 253 of July 20, the textile enterprise was awarded a high state award for courage, bravery and dedication shown in saving people.

It should be noted that the unexpected workload on domestic medicine did not become disastrous also thanks to Tirotex team which fulfilled the state order for protective masks in the shortest possible time. This means that the Ministry of Health of the PMR was able to ensure the high quality of medical services and the effectiveness of treatment, while preserving the health and life of the personnel and citizens of the republic.

For obvious reasons, in the spring, when the headquarters announced emergency measures, there was an almost complete absence of personal protective equipment in the republic. The only hope was for our textile enterprise. At that period the sewing section Tirotex experienced a serious workload, working day and night in three shifts. The state order was completed in full in the shortest possible time and was immediately forwarded to operational headquarters for the needs of security forces and medical personnel. In order to shorten the production time of the order, a small part of it (with our fabrics and accessories) was sewn in sewing workshops of other enterprises. The order was completed in full according to the order of the Government in exactly one week. In addition, Tirotex made and donated extra three thousand masks for doctors of the republican clinical hospital, emergency services and other government departments. Other sewing factories of our republic were provided with specific fabrics made at Tirotex for production of special protective garments - surgical gowns and medical hoods for medical personnel.

According to Andrey Mezhinsky, General Director of Tirotex: «The Medal for lifesaving is a high assessment of the work of all our employees. For us, this is an incentive to continue working for the good of Pridnestrovie and not to rest on our oars! I am sure that the employees of our enterprise are an example for many other people, they inspire everyone to create and desire to deliver benefits to our society. I wish new achievements in work for all of us!"